20+10+X World Architecture Community Award 14th Cycle Nomination

status / project 2012

cultural building

The pavilion combines soft and boxy shapes into one object which represents two very different approaches to the creation of the building form. The resulting contrast is intentional metaphor of contemporary architecture - parallel coexistence of radically different styles.

pavilion of architecture

The main aim of locating pavilion of architecture in Warsaw Lazienki Royal Gardens was the architectural education of community. The pavilion could be permanent or temporary feature. Similar buildings could be developed in other parks of Warsaw, allowing you to meet people of all ages talking about art and architecture in the bosom of nature.

pavilion of architecture interior

The introduction of this type of function in the Royal Gardens would expand the cultural offer of the Park and correspond with the exhibition pavilion planned in ‘Twenty-first Century Garden’. The pavilion could also be used during architectural festival "Warsaw under Construction". Examples are Kensington Gardens and the Serpentine Gallery in London, in which each year architectural pavilion is created. Each of the resulting pavilions there has an excellent educational function, presenting existing art and architecture trends.

pavilion of architecture plan

The pavilion allows for organization of different type of events like seminars, screenings, workshops, exhibitions and presentations related to architecture and art. Pavilion is the perfect place for a meeting with the architecture that can be "touched, seen or heard" through traditional and new media, such as computer animations and 3D projections. The place where the residents of the city of Warsaw could see on a regular basis the results of architectural competitions, where they could comment on the emerging investments, pay attention to existing problems, learn about contemporary artists.

pavilion exhibition


pavilion film screening

film screening

pavilion lecture


Sliding glass walls and retractable curtains are used for flexibility and maximum use of pavilion for different events and weather conditions. The pavilion can be closed or fully opened creating a space without barriers, a kind of picture frame for the landscape of Lazienki Gardens, to which it has been inserted.

pavilion interior

Metal cladding panels emphasizes simplicity and nobility of modernist form which contains the curvilinear form of morph representing the multidimensionality of contemporary architecture. Mirrors on the ceiling and movable wall are used for interesting illusion effects and introduction of the depth and perspective. A dynamic lighting system, projections and mapping introduced onto morph like form makes the interior alive.

pavilion projections pavilion entrance zone

Pavilion, as a manifesto of contemporary art and architecture is simple, yet complex, surprising and variable. In this illusion of space the impossible is possible to see.