SkyGarden /

status / built 2017

location / Warsaw Bemowo, Poland

signe family passive house

SkyGarden is a passive house with a winter garden, which requires very little energy for heating and ventilation compared to a typical single-family home. The building uses solar and earth energy to heat and produce hot water, intelligently adapts to the outdoor climate and has a possibility of a natural ventilation thanks to the specially designed space of the central hall with ventilation through the chimney draft effect. The garden integrated into the building, adjacent to the northern wall and the ceiling of the house provides a symbiosis of the house and garden in terms of energy, in winter acquires and stores heat, in the summer, it does not allow the building to overheat. The solution adopted is intended to encourage home users to use the garden and its care. The more work the residents put into the proper use of the garden, the greater will be savings in energy consumption for heating, as well as profits from using the products of a year-round green garden.

passive house skygarden passive house skygarden

situation in context

The assumption was to create a house that will offer an additional place of work and rest for the residents and give the opportunity to create an oasis of greenery with a year-round garden for growing flowers, vegetables and fruits. The garden can also act as an additional "green" living room, work room or studio, children's room for games, or become a corner of meditation among the greenery present throughout the year. The sliding panel system adopted on the fa├žades, apart from the function of privacy control, has an important task of regulating the energy balance of the house. In summer, the panels are an important protection against the sun, protecting against overheating of the house, in addition provide protection against the wind and regulate the ventilation rate with open windows. In 2013, the project won the Grand Prix in the "Murator" competition ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME OF THE YEAR. At the beginning of 2014, we started works with investors, who decided to build such a house for themselves. The project has undergone several modifications, such as changing the structure from wood to brick and modifications in the layout of the external entrance zone with pergola and interior layout, which were adapted to the needs of the plot and future users.

passive house skygarden passive house skygarden passive house skygarden

ground floor plan

passive house skygarden

first floor plan

passive house skygarden

attic floor plan

passive house skygarden

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passive house skygarden passive house skygarden passive house skygarden passive house skygarden