status / concept 2014

design / menthol architects
collaborator / Monika Arczyńska

small architecture

There is a road on the horizon...
painted by the scattered lights,
besieged by screaming billboards,
sound of the sea of cars,
continuous and dashed lines...
a road sign standing here and there.
In the distance looms the city
we are getting closer to it...
before the eyes like a colorful ribbon,
like a luminous glow ...
appears inspiring L-O-D-Z.


Roadside greeting sign refers to the two most important graphic elements associated with the city of Lodz: coat of arms - a modernized, geometrical form of origami boats - and colors associated with promoting slogan "Lodz creates." The structure was designed as a free-standing object - sculpture, which looks diffrent in various views. The proposed structure differs from typical signs and roadside advertising elements flooding the Polish city, creating a kind of landmark, distinctive element for identification of the city of Lodz.

logo Lodz

Simple surfaces and primary colors are also a reference to the sculptures by Katarzyna Kobro. During the day the object is a colorful three-dimensional form, during the night it turns into gently illuminated zigzag abstract which refers to dynamics, speed and development of the city. Such lighting is an additional advantage of the project - the variable perception during the night and day.

roadside greeting sign


Limited budgets require simple solutions. Main structure - frame and supporting pillars - is made of galvanized steel profiles. For ease of transportation, the individual segments can be made separately and assembled on site. The foundations for the posts will be made of concrete. Cladding panels made of HDPE 10 mm thick, in black, yellow, cyanates and magenta, are attached to the structure using rivets, as a reference to the rivetting of the ship. Panels can be recycled. Slightly rough texture of panels does not reflect light (it could distract drivers) and you can not see scratches on it or sediments.

roadside greeting sign axonometry


Galvanized steel requires no maintenance and is not subject to rusting. All screws and other fasteners are made ​​of galvanized steel. Cladding panels are resistant to UV radiation and do not lose their color. They are mounted at a height of restricted access to them, so the risk of damage by graffiti is minimized. Cleaning is done with the hand cleaner and detergent and does not require specialized equipment or hoists. Access to the lamps is provided by a bottom removable pocket mounted on hinges.

roadside greeting sign aerial view
roadside greeting sign plan and section