location / Boulevard of Mary and Lech Kaczynski, Wroclaw

status / realization 2017

design team / Robert Gacek, Liliana Krzycka, Rafał Pieszko,
Mikołaj Smoleński (sofft), Magdalena Szwajcowska i Michał Majewski (no studio)

curator / Katarzyna Roj (Dizajn BWA Wrocław)
investor / Office for Social Participation (Wroclaw City Hall)

spatial installation / small architecture


On the boulevard of Maria and Lech Kaczynski (near the Grunwaldzki Bridge), a space installation - the WRO bench - was put into operation, which was created within the the Wrocław Civic Budget. Among other designers menthol architects have been invited to put ideas. The three-dimensional WRO inscription was proposed, which is a popular abbreviation of the city name. The proposed form, located on the background of the Grunwaldzki Bridge and the Oder River, naturally encourages people to make souvenir postcards promoting Wroclaw.

The form of the inscription is the result of conducted design workshops, whose results in the form of 3 concepts and three locations were subjected to public consultations, followed by voting. WRO sign is located on the boulevard Lech and Maria Kaczynski.

WRO can become a new meeting place for locals, tourists, resting places and fun. The curved and soft forms of letters create a kind of seat and couch, encourage interaction and fun. The outer lining of the WRO inscription is recycled soft rubber, while the substructure under the lining is made of fiberglass. Material and color refer to the "puff" located near the proposed location. Object dimensions are about 8m long, 2m high and 1m deep.



Robert Gackek is submitting WROCLOVE sign project for the construction within Wrocław Civic Budget. The project receives a positive recommendation and is chosen by the inhabitants of Wroclaw to be implemented during the October vote.


The project leader and the Office for Social Participation of the City of Wroclaw co-operate with the Dizajn BWA Wrocław gallery to determine the design strategy. A form of design workshops is set up in the group of specialists from three different design offices, where they are expected to produce opinions that are subject to public debate and then voted on by the residents.

The form of the workshops enabled for the first time to combine in the common case various entities: urban entity (Office for Social Participation), cultural institution (BWA Design, Museum of Architecture), city activists (Akcja Miasto), architects and graphic designers, residents. This unique blend of teams and processes can be translated into other projects from Wrocław Civic Budget and can be used by other city units to create projects in Wrocław's urban space.



Design work starts. Design team agreed that the objects, apart from the literal function, like the Wroclaw inscription, should perform additional functions that will respond to the conditions and functional needs of the location. By analyzing the needs of diffrent sites, designers have shifted their promotional function to the backdrop by bringing functional features to specific users. During the public debate it was stated that the inscription should refer to commonly used and commonly used forms: Wroclaw, WRO, or historical names like Wratislavia or Breslau.



Public presentations of the topic and preliminary results of the design work were submitted to the opinions of the inhabitants who came to the conference. Anyone could submit their comments and take part in the discussion, thereby supporting the design process.


Three different conceptions were communicated and agreed upon in the prior consultation of the site. These ideas were issued under public voting.

/// Bulwar Marii i Lecha Kaczyńskich


The proposal of a spatial sculpture that creates the inscription WRO, which is a popular abbreviation of the city name used today. The proposed location at the foot of the Grunwaldzki Bridge will be interesting for an additional attraction on the pedestrian area of the newly-commissioned boulevard. The installation will encourage photography on the background of the panorama of the Oder coast and the Grunwaldzki Bridge, one of the characteristic silhouettes of Wroclaw and can become a signature postcard. The curved and soft forms of letters create a kind of seat and couch, encourage interaction and fun.

/// Wzgórze Polskie


Proposed spatial sculpture in the form of inscriptions representing the names of the city of the past and present (Wratislavia, Breslau, Wroclaw, Wroclaw). The installation refers to the multicultural history of the city, spatially connecting the inscriptions emphasizing the relationship of the present to the past, the variability and fluidity of the historical fabric of today's dynamic city. This idea refers to an unreleased installation of Oscar Hansen trying to combine the past and the present. Besides the metaphorical dimension, the installation is an interactive children's playground, which is lacking in the immediate surroundings. The interconnected letters between the various inscriptions create a spatial labyrinth and a system of falling and rising platforms.

/// Stadium


The idea of creating an inscription on the square between the tram stop and Wroclaw Stadium was aimed at activating the space at the entrance to the stadium. Skaters, bmx bikers, but also families with children are welcome here. From here, the idea of "Wroclaw" was made out of concrete prefabricated or steel frames finished with shuttering plywood, which could simultaneously create a bench, but also the surface of the platforms and ramps.


Design - the shape of the WRO inscription was subject to public consultation. Wroclaw decided on its form and location. 1953 votes cast. The voting took place from 17th to 23rd June 2016. The WRO inscription was placed on the boulevard of Lech and Maria Kaczynski. The project received 1404 votes.



At the beginning of the year, an agreement was signed for the execution of construction works. The project team is constantly on the lookout for the correct implementation.


End of construction works. On Tuesday, June 20, the official opening of the installtion, which immediately meets with great interest. The queue is set to take pictures.