Second AWARD

location / Warsaw, Poland
status / competition design 2003

design competition

A unique bathroom design which connects toilet functions with the world of play in kindergarten. Playful designs and colours, comfortable materials and use of daylight make this bathroom like a play room where hygiene, leisure and play functions mix for a moment and make the toilet more enjoyable space for kids.

"Just a moment ago a group of ‘red ladybugs’ ate delicious lunch. It’s time now for a break and some fun. Now they went to the bathroom to wash hands, but they will stay there a little while longer..... Ms.Alice opened the big glass door and class room was expanded to include additional playground.‘Red ladybugs’ quickly ran into the center. Some immediately lay down flat on a soft rug and started to make strange faces as they laugh with their reflections on the mirror ceiling.

They all know that personal hygiene bags are in the red capsule. There they went. They keep their treasures here as well: playing blocks, crayons and Kate keeps here even her teddy bear! Moments later, the kids are standing at the colourful capsules and wash their hands. Tom uses only green capsule. He says that it is his own rocket! It comes to the center under the guise of doing pee, closes translucent door, and presses a flushing button over and over again... I mean his rocket takes off into space. Sometimes he takes along his colleagues and they all look at the blue skylight which illuminates the interior of the capsule and they travel into space. Barry brought a book with letters and together with friends teaches Tom the alphabet by writing letters on the wall. Ms.Alice frequently draws letters, digits and various things here and all sit around and listen.

A group of children took the ball and ran to play in the garden, but from time to time they run back to wash dirty hands. Meanwhile, Eve gathers all friends and the carefully prepared speech and with the support of the ‘ladybug’ community submit a petition to Ms.Alice to run water-watering pots. Tom even went out of his rocket, moreover, it became louder and you immediately knew what was going on. Splash….. colourful sprinklers splash all around. And you can bend them in each direction, which Tom uses it at his advantage and start to soak Kate, whom he likes a lot. Someone started to let go of soap bubbles and you do not know when but everyone found themselves in a bubbles.

At the end, Ms.Alice gave signal to finish plays. Now they are all tired and lying on the soft rug, often called a teddy bear. Shhh .... someone started to sleep already. Ms.Alice extinguished lights running along the skylight, only streams of afternoon sunlight fell inside. Capsule started to lit it’s colour very lightly. What a pity but we have to go home soon."