status / conceptual design 2003

industrial design / experimental social project

The experimental design for the vending automat with the rhymes referring to the world of verse microforms in circulation as oral children's rhymes, rhymes chains and the school rhymes. These texts are often a part of folklore and are the result of spontaneous oral literature of different times and social contexts. Rhymes and the accompanying images were recorded in a specific medium - glass beads. Colored glass beads are used for fun, games, counting and reciting in the playground and in the school and may be a desired object to collect not only by children.

The project aims to consolidate knowledge and cultural transformations that are normally the result of years of social processes, but in a group of children perform much faster and the content which has changed is rapidly spread. Thus, the ever-changing children's rhymes, can best capture the development and transformations taking place in contemporary oral literature. They reflect not only the interests of 'small developers', but the wider world in which they came to live and create. Therefore next to the traditional texts, rooted in historical beliefs and customs, there are contemporary texts showing the world of today in the eyes of a small observer.

Use of entertainment affect the curiosity of children in the history of the individual stories, and thus encourage them to seek their sources, for example by getting their grandparents to tell stories of childhood, or by reading books on the subject.

automat elemelek glass beads bead 00 bead 02 bead 03 bead 04 bead 05

"It is a fact worthy of remembrance in the history of mankind, that when all the people and nations almost extinct and ruthless time has blurred the memory of even the most famous acts, these childish tales live and testify to the antiquity so remote that standing beyond all sense of time" - Giuseppe Pitre

glass beads bead 00 bead 01 bead 02 bead 04 bead 04 bead 05 bead 06 bead 06 bead 07 bead 08 bead 09 bead 09 bead 10 bead 11 bead 11 bead 12 bead 13 bead 14 bead 15 bead 16 bead 17 bead 18 bead 19 bead 20 bead 21 bead 22 bead 23