status / design 2011

small architecture forms

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A design for the small kiosk-like retail pavilion. The idea behind this project was to create an object which is unique in its detail and form and refers to the tradition of kiosk making in a modern way which does not take the romantic aesthetics of the structure.


Kiosk could become a distinctive and recognizable urban furniture, which is enriching the street and giving it a friendly and urban character. Glowing at dusk „urban chandeliers” are a kind of illuminating lanterns - a landmark on the street and invitation for interaction with the kiosk.

kiosk at daytime

daytime view


To emphasize the urban nature of the kiosk the design allows for installation of flower pots or other plants on the roof. This gives the possibility to change the image of the kiosk by using different compositions of plants. In addition this underline ecological aspect of the project by increasing the amount of greenery in the city absorbing water and carbon dioxide and have a positive impact on the aesthetic and friendly image of the street.

kiosk at nighttime

nighttime view


The compact form refers to the traditional organization of kiosks. The internal layout and dimensions allows for comfortable use and order of goods and are adequate for people with disabilities working in a kiosk. Narrow shape allows location of the kiosk in a narrow street.


Latticed shutters are to have practical functions related to vandalism and dirt protection, also to reduce cost by eliminating the need for installing the very expensive anti-burglary glass. Movable shutters highlight the variation in appearance of the kiosk during the day and give lightness and delicacy to the overall structure. In the morning kiosk opens up its interior for customers, and turns into glowing „tree” - street lantern in the evening.


The proposed modular system allows for a flexible design which adapts to the needs of the kiosk user while maintaining a single coherent image. The use of different plants on roof together with variations of light and color, create individual character for each unit, but subordinate to the main design principle of this urban furniture. The kiosk can be equipped with additional modules such as toilet and technical module or an internal sales module. The kisok could come with additional functions like display cases for commercial advertising, vending machine, cash machine, mobile phone charger. These components may reduce cost of ownership. The solution adopted in the modular structure allows for quick installation, expansion, and easy disassembly or parts replacement.