status / competition design 2005
registered design

industrial design

Bring some sun, pleasure and fun to your life and bathroom, install ‘yo-yo’ -compact massage shower panel. The design was inspired by one of the highly interesting toys ever invented ‘yo-yo’. Proposed design is an attractive alternative to traditional, oblong and solid panels. The ovoid shape of the product with a shower hose wrapped around it is a reference to the famous toy. White shell of the panel was scooped out to reveal lively yellow infill, which is the further reference to the toy.

shower panel on the wall

‘Yo-yo’ is an intelligent device which tells you how much water you have used. Panel measures water consumption together with the time of your bath and indicates calculated ratio by displaying blue progress bar and flashes red light when high consumption limit is reached. This helps you to track water usage while showering by notifying blue light progress bar which gradually drains back. By default full bar indicates 15min. Flashing red light suggest it’s time to wash off the soap and finish your bath - at the end it’s your own choice. Smart thermostat by default regulates optimal water temperature. From this point you can increase/decrease temperature by pressing plus/minus sign. Hitting ‘cold button’ cuts off hot water.

yo-yo inspiration

Efficient power nozzles require less water to provide high pressure stream. In addition to water jets panel comes with a feet massage pad and heat exchanger, which recovers heat from waste water to pre-heat cold water thanks to specially designed copper plate and coil. This reduces overall hot water demand while taking the shower. Yo-yo feet massager pad helps you to relax even more when showering. It is a simple device in circle shape with anti-slip surface and a grid of soft rubber nipples which relax your feet while showering. Soft rubber nipples change shape when stepped on. You can play with your feet on different areas of the pad for ultimate massage experience. The pad can be easily lifted for cleaning.

yo-yo schematics

The shell of the panel is made with fireproof (class1) and waterproof hard plastic made up of high percentage of mineral extenders from nature as well as of high-pureness polyester and acrylic polymers. This material is 100% recyclable, strongly UV-resistant, solid and non-porous thus hygienic and healthy. Material can be dyed using selection of different colours embedded into the mould mix. Pure crisp white and sunny yellow colouring of the product creates a sense of freshness, health and excitement as it evokes in us the joy, hope and energy. Shower head can be mounted on the wall rod if necessary and can be inserted into a specially prepared pocket in the panel body. Shower head and hose are integral part of the panel.

‘Yo-yo’ shower panel and foot massager wakes you up in the morning by stimulating your senses and helps to relax before going to bed. Safe time, water and money! ‘Yo-yo’ is the perfect complement to your modern bathroom. Massage away tension and fatigue from your body and feet, you deserve a great relaxation and some pleasure time. Feel like you’ve been to the spa every day!